Lite: An Interactive Art Installation by Adityo Pratomo

So finally, after all the hassle, limited time, and any kind of obstacles, I’ve managed to finished my interactive art work and exhibited it in an exhibition named Resonance. Resonance itself is a exhibition that exhibited interactive art and video art, and this is part of Helarfest 2009. Totally, there are 11 works that displayed in the exhibition. You can read more about Resonance and also Helarfest 2009 in general, by clicking here .

Lite in action

Lite in action

So, now let me introduce you to my work, I name it “Lite”. In a brief, in this work, I create an environment for a generative audiovisual art to grow. Here, light is the main character. Light is used as an argument for the algorithm that will generate some form of audiovisual. Basically, by moving a light source in front of the computer, people can generate music and visualization.

Technically speaking, in this work I use Processing and Pure Data. Processing is used to track light source movement in front of the camera. The output of this, is the coordinate of the light source, in x and y coordinate. The value of x and y, is then used as an argument in Pure Data to generate frequency in a simple synthesizer/16 step sequencer. In Pure Data, there will be 3 synthesizers that I made, one FM and one AM are used as a lead part while one simple Sine oscillator is heavily low passed and used as a low

frequency part of the sequence. How 2 values (x and y) are used as an input to the 32 frequency of the synthesizers are purely algorithm. I used simple math between these x and y to make them generate specific frequencies that relies on their respective value. So, different light source position will generate different part from the Pure Data. Processing and Pure Data are connected through OSC protocol. The Processing code is based on a Brightness Tracking Code from the Processing Example, while the Pure Data sequencer is based on a lesson in Pure Data Floss Manual.

Personally speaking, this is quite an achievement for me. I’ve managed to finish my

second interactive art work (albeit a simple one) and this is my first ever exhibited work. Spiritually, I also think that finishing an artwork is a step ahead of finding myself as a complete human. Having said this, now I’m ready to create another installation. So, if anyone out there seek for collaborator, I’m more than ready to contribute.

This work will be exhibited until 30 October 2009 at CCF, Jalan Purnawarman 32, Bandung. So, if you happened to be in Bandung, then make sure you visit this marvelous exhibition.


2 Responses to “Lite: An Interactive Art Installation by Adityo Pratomo”

  1. 1 Bilawa Ade Respati
    October 24, 2009 at 8:47 am

    i’m packed and ready to go! (since i’m always in town anyway haha). late to know but eager to come. well my friend, speaking about collab, made me wonder if we could collide instead haha. got this concept about synesthesia for my future artwork, think that your work would surely give it a more epic effect heehe.

    btw i’m closing down sisaruangdiri.wordpress.com for philosophical reason and starting a new blog. i’m adding this to my feed reader. insya Allah i write review for your work too. c u in town.


  2. 2 si didit
    October 27, 2009 at 6:39 am

    ahaha, that would be good Bil…maybe we can sit down and talk about some form of collaboration. got any time perhaps? 🙂

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