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indonesia production note #2: the development

To continue my last post, now I’ll tell you how I developed the ideas and theme that I already had in mind for my film. Now, in my opinion, this is the hardest part, because on one side if I didn’t manage to develop the idea and how to convey it to the audience, then I’ll be screwed, because this film will just be a deep fried bullshit. But on the other hand, this is also a fun part because I get to study and really absorb my influences, learn how the great directors narrated their idea through the lenses.

I quickly listed all the directors that I really loved, and soon I was watching some of their works. I went to the library and grab a copy of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “El Topo” and watched it there, while taking notes of events and technical stuff that occured on that movie. Still hungry for more influence, I bought Tarsim Singh’s “The Cell” and David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive”, watched them and analyzed them slowly. I didn’t pick these movies by accident, because I knew that these movies have the elements that I want in my film, weird visual, weird storyline and non-linear storytelling. The only reason why I grabbed them is because I wanted to learn how these elements are applied correctly in films.

Around that time, I was also pretty much influenced by the minimalist drone metal work of musician such as Sunn O))), Earth and Boris. I really love how the minimalistic elements in their music works, and I’ve been a fan of them for several years now. Subsequently, I also learned that experimental films are like music, they have motif and variations, motion in screens also have that degree of rhythm. Now if we speak of these slow, minimalistic drone music, then the motif and variations becomes something really highly valued. The music is so slow and repetitive that a single small variation can give a lot effects. I thought that this would be a nice element of the film to have.

So to put everything together, here’s what I did. I wrote all the things that I wanted to say, and then I roughly mapped those things into different scenes, so that every scenes will have different meanings. I already had one thing on my mind that this film will be filled with different weird and symbolic scenes, so I’ll try to follow that rule while making the rough storyboard. While making those scenes on my head, I keep on referencing the note gathered from watching the aforementioned movies. To create the sequences tempo of those scenes, I put the drone-metal influence on the table, making series of movement in my head.

The exhausting process of development came to an end when I finally set the 9 pictures I will have on my storyboard.


Indonesia Production Note #1: The Theme

So after I proudly finished my first ever film, I figured that this would be the perfect time to write about the production of this film, as a reflection for me and as a story for you dear readers. I’ll write these production notes in a sequence of articles, so bare with me as I start the first installment: the theme of the film.

One thing that I’ve learned from all the great movies that I’ve watched and all the artwork that I’ve encountered, is how much they are all influenced by social issue. As for me, I consider myself as a nationalist and I’ve always want to create an artwork that is socially conscious on one hand as well as political on the other hand. Well I never had that chance when I was in a band, the only closest thing with that was me writing some absurd lyric back when I was in high school.

With all that in mind, I think this would be the perfect timing to unleash my social-political view. A first time experience is always the purest thing upon creation of things. It’s a time where there’s a unique mix of curiosity, eagerness and fear. This is also a time to practice what I’ve learned from all the movies I’ve seen, and putting everything on the table.

So again, I’ve decided that this movie will be filled with my view of the current social-political condition of Indonesia. Specifically, I will highlight the conflict between people, the power of electronic media to the rise and fall of Indonesia. I have to address these several issue, because I’ve been so much bothered by these. When I formulated this theme, basically the headline of the Indonesia’s news is conflicts between these groups of people with no action whatsoever from the government. I was (and still) do think that the country has been diverted from the truth by the media, and as a citizen, we are forced to follow these view produced by the higher power (which is not God). Media never provided or suggested a solution to these conflicts, they just amplified it for everyday consumption of people. As a result, seeds of conflict inside the society are planted slowly and it’s just a matter of time before a bigger and bigger conflicts are to explode.

This is what bother me and I will not stay still. I will tell this story.



Film ini adalah pandangan saya terhadap konflik di negara tercinta. Konflik antar elemen masyarakat, bagaimana media elektronik mengarahkan opini publik dan apa yang mungkin terjadi kalau ini terus berlangsung. Film ini adalah bentuk kecintaan saya terhadap tanah air sekaligus bentuk paranoia saya seandainya negara saya ini runtuh. Film ini tentang Indonesia.

Sebagai karya film/video art pertama saya, tentu “Indonesia” menjadi sesuatu yang bersejarah. Ini pertama kalinya saya menjadi sutradara, ini pertama kalinya saya menjadi aktor dan ini pertama kalinya cita-cita saya membuat soundtrack untuk film tercapai. Semua menjadi tambah istimewa karena saya berekspiremen dengan menggunakan 3 layar untuk memproyeksikan film ini. Nampak menarik, karena dengan 3 layar ini saya bisa berimprovisasi dengan semua cuplikan video yang saya rekam. Musiknya juga merupakan musik yang saya dengar secara intensif selama beberapa bulan belakangan, drone metal. Pengaruh dari Sunn O))) dan Earth benar-benar saya tumpahkan di sini, dan tentu tidak lupa, mistisme gamelan sebagai diferensiasi dari musik sejenis.

Hasilnya, bisa teman-teman nikmati sendiri di sini. Saran saya, silahkan interpretasikan sendiri apa yang teman-teman lihat, sebagaimana saya berimprovisasi dalam membuat, teman-teman juga bebas berimprovisasi sebagai pemirsa. Yang jelas, film ini penuh dengan simbol-simbol sehingga mungkin perlu beberapa kali melihat. Oh ya, kencangkan volume speaker komputer Anda, karena film ini lebih baik dinikmati dalam volume maksimum.

Selamat menyaksikan.

Indonesia from Adityo Pratomo on Vimeo.


Lite: An Interactive Art Installation by Adityo Pratomo

So finally, after all the hassle, limited time, and any kind of obstacles, I’ve managed to finished my interactive art work and exhibited it in an exhibition named Resonance. Resonance itself is a exhibition that exhibited interactive art and video art, and this is part of Helarfest 2009. Totally, there are 11 works that displayed in the exhibition. You can read more about Resonance and also Helarfest 2009 in general, by clicking here .

Lite in action

Lite in action

So, now let me introduce you to my work, I name it “Lite”. In a brief, in this work, I create an environment for a generative audiovisual art to grow. Here, light is the main character. Light is used as an argument for the algorithm that will generate some form of audiovisual. Basically, by moving a light source in front of the computer, people can generate music and visualization.

Technically speaking, in this work I use Processing and Pure Data. Processing is used to track light source movement in front of the camera. The output of this, is the coordinate of the light source, in x and y coordinate. The value of x and y, is then used as an argument in Pure Data to generate frequency in a simple synthesizer/16 step sequencer. In Pure Data, there will be 3 synthesizers that I made, one FM and one AM are used as a lead part while one simple Sine oscillator is heavily low passed and used as a low

frequency part of the sequence. How 2 values (x and y) are used as an input to the 32 frequency of the synthesizers are purely algorithm. I used simple math between these x and y to make them generate specific frequencies that relies on their respective value. So, different light source position will generate different part from the Pure Data. Processing and Pure Data are connected through OSC protocol. The Processing code is based on a Brightness Tracking Code from the Processing Example, while the Pure Data sequencer is based on a lesson in Pure Data Floss Manual.

Personally speaking, this is quite an achievement for me. I’ve managed to finish my

second interactive art work (albeit a simple one) and this is my first ever exhibited work. Spiritually, I also think that finishing an artwork is a step ahead of finding myself as a complete human. Having said this, now I’m ready to create another installation. So, if anyone out there seek for collaborator, I’m more than ready to contribute.

This work will be exhibited until 30 October 2009 at CCF, Jalan Purnawarman 32, Bandung. So, if you happened to be in Bandung, then make sure you visit this marvelous exhibition.


How To Install Processing on Ubuntu

Now this one is more straightforward than Pd-extended. Just some easy steps. I perform this last night on My Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron on a 64-bit platform.

1. Download the .tgz Processing for Linux file that available at
2. Download and install the Java Runtime for Ubuntu that can be searched using Synaptic. I use Java Runtime Environment 6.
3. Download and install libstdc++6 also using Synaptic. I’ve read here that using libstdc++5 is also possible.
4. Extract the Processing.tgz.
5. Run the file “Processing”.

That’s it. 5 easy steps. Apparently the Processing official site told that Ubuntu 8.04 64-bit and the 7.10 is the testing platforms on their lab. So I believe this steps would also applicable in 7.10. I’m not sure can this also be done in other versions of Ubuntu. But, you can try it.

As usual, pls comment if you find something’s wrong here.



Installing Pure Data Extended on 64-bit Ubuntu

Okay, it’s 11 PM right now, i should get some sleep. But, before I go to sleep, here’s some step for you who want to install Pure Data extended or Pd-extended, to abbreviate, on a 64-bit Ubuntu (I use Hardy Heron, so I don’t know if other version would work). There’s no Pd-extended installer for 64-bit system in Pd official site, but believe me, this way would work. Just done it myself 🙂
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Emergency! Darurat!

Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya diajak teman untuk pameran di nusubstance 209, sebuah pameran yang menampilkan instalasi dan karya-karya seni multimedia interaktif. Nampak menarik, karena saya punya sesuatu untuk dipamerkan.

Namun, ketika saya tanya kapan tanggalnya, teman saya dengan enteng menjawab, 19 Oktober, yang sama dengan minggu depan! Hahaha… Padahal hingga tadi malam, alat buatan saya ini juga belum juga jadi.

Oke, jadi hingga at least tanggal 18, saya punya list yang harus saya kerjakan:

1. Membersihkan Ubuntu 8.04 saya, jadi bisa dipakai sistem dasar yang hanya untuk menjalankan karya saya
2. Menginstal Processing dan Pure Data extended
3. Menjalankan program yang sudah saya buat di keduanya
4. Memastikan keduanya bisa berkomunikasi via OSC
5. Menginstal webcam yang bisa berjalan di atas Processing
6. Membuat instalasi fisik

Fiuh… 6 langkah yang pastinya tidak sebentar. Okey then, mulai malam ini harus bergerak. Jadi kalau dalam beberapa waktu saya tidak aktif di dunia maya, mohon maaf ya 🙂

Doakan saya sukses, dan saya akan segera mengabari, sebenarnya apa sih yang saya bikin 🙂


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